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Your questions about dermal fillers answered

Aesthetic treatments, particularly dermal fillers and Botox, have soared to popularity in recent years. Available from medical professionals like our own Dr James Willis, they are an effective and safe way to rejuvenate areas of the face. But how much do you really know about dermal fillers? They seem to be talked about a lot in the media and by friends and family, but you may still not know a whole lot about them. Let Falmouth Facial Aesthetics answer all of your burning questions!

What are dermal fillers?

This seems like a good place to start. Dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar in the body. It promotes skin volume, firmness, and elasticity, hence why it is so effective at producing youthful results.


Are dermal fillers permanent?

Not at all! Because they are made of this natural sugar, the body can break them down easily and effectively. They don’t just sit where they are injected; they usually last for around 4-6 months before a repeat appointment is required to maintain the results. Otherwise, the body naturally breaks down, absorbs, and recycles them with no complaint.


Can dermal fillers soften lines too?

This is an interesting question because, in the right areas, they can reduce the appearance of fine lines. They don’t relax the muscle as Botox does, but rather they reintroduce volume and firmness. When our skin becomes loose through lack of volume, it folds and crinkles and sags. By reintroducing volume to certain areas, for example in the cheeks to lessen nose-to-mouth lines, we can lift the tissue and reduce the appearance of these folds.


Can dermal fillers be removed?

Yes, they can. If, for whatever reason, you do not like your results then we can essentially dissolve them. We use an enzyme called hyaluronidase to disperse the hyaluronic acid, speeding up the body’s natural break-down processes. This means that if you decide this treatment isn’t for you, you can effectively ‘undo’ it.


Will dermal fillers stretch my skin?

This is a common concern for recipients of dermal fillers. No, your skin will not retain the shape of treatment after the filler has been broken down and dissolved. They won’t stretch, remodel, or disfigure the skin in anyway, so treatment is completely safe. If you don’t choose to repeat your treatment, the area will return to normal.


If I experience cold sores, can I still get lip fillers?

This is an interesting question you should definitely address at your consultation. If you have a history of experiencing cold sores, then your injector should be made aware of this. It’s not dangerous, though! The trauma of injecting the lip can stimulate a reaction, prompting new cold sores. It’s not the dermal fillers themselves that cause this reaction, but just the injection. Oral medication can be taken before and after the procedure for a few days to prevent you experiencing a fresh break-out. There is no reason for you not to receive lip fillers, you just need a few extra steps before and after treatment.


What’s the difference between dermal filler and Botox?

Both are injectable aesthetic treatments, though they both achieve different things. Botox focusses on relaxing over-expressive muscles to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a prescription-only medication, therefore only doctors should be trusted to carry out this treatment. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, add volume and contour to the skin. They plump and redefine rather than focussing on muscle movement. Dermal fillers can be administered by any aesthetic practitioner, though we still always recommend visiting a qualified medical professional for your safety and peace of mind.


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