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Can Botox improve the appearance of an oily complexion?

The uses of Botox are many and varied. They have been approved by the FDA to provide effective cosmetic treatment in the form of wrinkle removers, but they also relieve the pain of migraines, can calm conditions that cause muscle spasms and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. This treatment is now claiming another feather in its cap; a reduction of facial oil.

Do you have an oily T Zone that bothers you almost as much as the visible signs of ageing splashed across your forehead. Well, according to Fashionista magazine’s article on the subject, you can now cure both of these problems with the same treatment.

Botox works by temporarily obstructing the signals the nerves send to the muscles. If the muscles can’t contract, then wrinkles are unable to form. These same glands are responsible for sweat and oil production. An anti wrinkle injection applied to the forehead can both remove vertical glabella lines; the wrinkles that stretch upwards between your eyebrows and the horizontal lines that stretch above the eyes too. On top of this it can give you a drier forehead.

Why Botox works better than over the counter products

Over the counter creams and cleansers make a lot of bold claims in order to stand out on the shelf, but how effective are they? Not very. Simply by their very nature, they are unable to contain enough active ingredients to provide significant effects. They are designed for safe use by everybody who has the right amount of money in their pocket.

If you purchase your beauty treatment from a highly qualified and experienced practitioner instead, then the treatment does not have be rendered safe enough for you to apply it. It needs to be safe enough for a trained professional to use and in this way can contain enough active ingredients to transform your looks in a natural looking way to provide you with a genuinely attractive and noticeable rejuvenation.

What to expect when having a Botox procedure

In the first instance, before embarking on your Botox treatment, you’ll need to visit us for your first consultation with us. Once we have assessed that Botox is the best course of action for you, we’ll book you in for your appointment.

The Botox is delivered into a key area of your forehead, or the side of your face if you’re having your crows feet reduced via injection. It won’t take long and it shouldn’t hurt, but local anaesthetic is available should you want it.

You’ll see the initial results 3 to 4 days following treatment and the results will be complete after 10 to 12 days. Your face should look revitalised, less tired and refreshed. This new look will remain in place for up to 4 months.

To find out more about our Botox treatments, please give our friendly reception team here in Falmouth a call. We’ll be able to answer your questions and find an appointment time that’s convenient for you.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Falmouth Facial Aesthetics Aesthetics cannot guarantee specific results.

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