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6 ways in which our Falmouth skin doctor can help you look younger

Fed up of the ageing process playing havoc with your looks? Perhaps you even feel that your changing skin has affected your self esteem? Our Falmouth skin clinic is dedicated to combating signs of ageing in a fast and efficient manner. We can significantly rejuvenate your face, making you look younger and feel better about how you look.

We offer two main treatments that can turn back the clock, leaving you with smoother, less wrinkled skin. They are anti wrinkle injections which consist of Botox being applied to the upper face, or dermal filler injections, which consist of hyaluronic acid being administered under the skin to plump up the thinning skin on the lower face.

In order to understand which treatment is going to best suit you, we’d like to invite you to a consultation with one of our highly qualified and experienced skin doctors. During this appointment, your skin will be assessed with a view to providing you with a bespoke treatment plan, which will help you become a better looking version of yourself. Here are the top 6 signs of ageing that we can reduce or even remove.

1. Forehead lines and frown lines: Forehead lines stretch horizontally, while frown lines are vertical and between the eyebrows. Both of these can give away your advancing years and be smoothed over using Botox. The Botox is injected into a targeted area of the forehead, where it temporarily stops your muscles contracting. If your muscles are unable to contract here, the wrinkles can’t form, giving you a smooth, more youthful looking upper face.

2. Crows feet: These are the lines to the sides of the eyes. They can be reduced via Botox or dermal fillers. Your skin doctor will be able to advise you upon examination which treatment will provide you with optimal results.

3. Nasolabial lines, which run from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth and marionette lines, which run from the corners of the lips to the chin: Both of these types of deep lines can be reduced using dermal fillers. The hyaluronic acid in fillers soaks up water under the skin, like a sponge to put pressure on the crease above and effectively push it out.

4. Thin lips: Our lips naturally thin with age. Filler treatment will plump them up and make you look younger.

5. Under the eyes: The tear trough area also thins with age, creating dark circles under the eyes. Fillers will give you a more even skin contour in this area of the face.

6. Sagging jawline: Although fillers will firm your jawline, a combination of Botox and fillers can give you similar results to a surgical facelift.

Give our Falmouth reception team a call to book your consultation, find out how we can best treat you and then look forward to seeing a younger looking version of yourself in the mirror.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Falmouth Facial Aesthetics Aesthetics cannot guarantee specific results.

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